Who. What. Why.

Some of the best, most life-giving moments happen around a table. For some reason the act of pulling up chairs around a slab of wood becomes a sacred endeavor. It is in sharing a meal that hearts are nourished and soul-sisters are born. There is a movement in cities across the country to get together at the table to connect. Maybe because - in being the most disconnected, connected generation - we can pull off a perfect-looking life through online media easily...but vulnerability is where we learn to live whole-heartedly. And that can only happen face-to-face.


 THE TABLE is a gathering of women where we can connect and get to know one another over a meal in a beautiful, inspiring setting.  A place where we can comfortably share our stories and be accepted unconditionally.  A time of encouragement and inspiration through listening to others' stories, as they tell us how God has asked them to step out in faith and do what he has told them to do.


THE TABLE was born from a desire to connect women together to help each other further their relationship with God. Our hope is that it offers a place for women to make natural relationships that help them live out their life with deep faith, together. We anticipate Bible studies, prayer groups, playgroups, accountability groups, dinner clubs, book clubs and anything else you can think of being built from the connections made at THE TABLE. These groups and gatherings are places where you can not only build one another up, but also reach your local community with the message God has given you - your story of how He has changed your life.


If you are just beginning a walk with Christ, or you have been following him for many years, come to THE TABLE and see what God has for you next.  There is no doubt He has a plan for you, a purpose for your life - do you know what that is?


Join us at THE TABLE.


Ann-Michel Kissler

 After a painful childhood I had many questions about my Heavenly purpose here on earth. But through physical and mental healing God showed me how he had rescued me, saved me, loved me, redeemed my life and that my story was not mine to keep to myself. It was to be used to glorify Him - to show people who He was through what He had done for me. The Table was born from God's inspiration and a desire to serve God and love others.  I pray that through this ministry women are encouraged, inspired and challenged to discover their purpose and connect with other local women as they respond to His calling.



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